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Stairlift experts

AHM offer stairlifts which are safe and reliable to overcome the problem of getting up and down the stairs.


Stairs can be a problem if your mobility is limited, but we can help you access all areas of your home with a range of tailored stairlifts

Is your staircase a problem?

Many people across the country are finding getting up and down the stairs a difficult task, you are not alone. Every year many people look for a solution to the problems posed by the staircase in their home.

Glide upstairs with ease

Get a professional stairlift survey

Many of our bathroom Surveyors are trained to complete Stairlift surveys which enables us to offer customers a unique solution to their needs. We find that many of our customers with a traditional two storey property feel forced to purchase a bungalow to suite their elderly mobility needs. AHM are able to offer stairlift and bathroom adaptations simultaneously or independently which can transform your home into a habitable one where you can freely move and bath in the location you want with ease.


Buying from AHM is simple

3 simple steps to transform your bathroom



Call us or simply fill in the online form and let us know what you require.  We will get back to you with a quote or arrange a site visit



Once you accept the quotation we draft the designs for your approval – everything is then made to your specification


We arrange a suitable time to start, deliver everything to site,  once we have finished we clean up

Our stairlift support and service

At AHM we support and service most stairlift makes in the UK and can provide rental and other low cost options that can be installed within a 7 day time frame. Both straight and curved stairlift options are available as second hand, reconditioned or new. If a stairlift needs to be removed or relocated AHM can help.



What warranty will there be on a new, reconditioned or second hand stairlift?

The warranty on a new lift is usually 12 months and always longer than for a reconditioned or second hand one Standard parts and labour warranty on a straight reconditioned lift is usually 3 months. This can be extended and usually costs around £19 per month to cover call outs and labour. Parts are usually extra.

Will I pay VAT on my stairlift?

If the client has a qualifying chronic disability such as arthritis, then usually they won’t pay VAT.

Can I rent a stairlift?

Of course. But we can only rent you a straight stairlift. The Installation and decommissioning cost is typically £365.00 exc VAT plus the monthly rental charges (depending on model type) which range between £50 and £60 per month.  On site call out and parts are covered in the monthly rental deal.

Does the installation take long?

Standard straight stairlifts take around 7-10 days to be installed from order. (Emergencies can sometimes be installed quicker.) Install is usually less than a day. Curved lifts takes a lot longer as the rail has to be specifically made for the house staircase. Expect installation to take between 3-6 weeks from order. (Urgent orders can be quicker) It take up to a day to fit a curved lift.

Is there a stairlift brand name that is much more reliable than any other?

Generally speaking amongst all of the quality stairlift manufacturers there is little to choose between any of the new models. With reconditioned models however it is much more important that the stairlift service history is known and we ensure that all the parts are working and serviceable.

Is the stairlift noisy?

Most modern stairlifts are battery operated using DC motors which are quiet during operation.

Will I need to recharge the batteries?

The batteries are charged automatically when the stairlift chair docks at the top or bottom of the rail

How often will I need to change the batteries?

This can vary considerably between clients and depends very much on how often the stairlift is used and how heavy the client is. With light use we have seen batteries last for up to 4 years, but with heavy use batteries may need to be changed every year.

Do you service stairlifts?

We recommend clients have their stairlifts inspected and serviced each year. We will service other stairlifts we haven’t fitted, but will usually want to call out and inspect it first.