Tips for stair lift safety:

If you have a recently installed stair lift you may be interested to know just how you can proceed with using it more effectively. As professional installation experts for stair lifts in a variety of properties, we get regular updates from manufacturers on the safe use of our stair lifts. Here are some top tips that you can be aware of certain aspects of stair lift safety.

Clear the way: If your staircase has any obstructions or any pets sitting on it make sure that they get out of the way before you use the stair lift. If the mechanism encounters an obstruction it will stop and go right back down again. Be sure to keep clothing and loose items clear of the mechanism before you use it as well.

Fasten the seat belt: fastening the seatbelt is essential as having an unfastened belt is actually one of the leading causes of stair lift accidents.

Avoid liquids on the stair lift: Use lidded containers on a stair lift if you plan on taking liquids like tea or soup upstairs. Unless your stair lift has been waterproofed, liquids could severely damage it.

Note the maximum weight limit: Do not try to exceed the maximum weight limit or use your stair lift to lift heavy items up the stairs. A stair lift is designed to carry just one person at a time.

Be careful after the lift gets to its end location: be sure that the lift has parked itself in the correct position to enable charging and that you are particularly careful when getting on and off the stair lift.

Use the immobilizer key when needed: If you have children coming over or someone that may tamper with your stair lift use the immobilizer key and keep a spare key available in case the key is lost.

And whatever you do, do not attempt to fix the stair lift yourself: make sure that all stair lift maintenance and repairs are carried out by a qualified technician.

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