Stair lift rental: a new take on mobility

Stair lift rental is a service that we at AHM Installations offer our clients. Clients who rent stair lifts from us do so for two major reasons.

Firstly, the initial outlay is a lot less than buying a lift. Typically a standard specification straight stair lift to include installation, decommissioning and onsite warranty costs is around £495 excluding VAT, and depending on specification between £12 – £15 per week to rent thereafter.

The second reason is that if the client only needs it for a short period say 3-12 months, then it will be a lot more cost effective. After that the stair lift rental price in total will be more expensive to keep than buying a stair lift outright.

Stair lift rental is a good short term idea

For longer ongoing use it then becomes more cost effective to buy a reconditioned stair lift and AHM will provide a price to clients who want to buy their rental lift.

There are some beneficial aspects to renting a stair lift from AHM Installations in particular. The essential call out and breakdown warranty is included in the cost. The cost of replacing the lift unit if it fails, which provides clients with the reliability safety net is also included in the package.

Renting stair lifts with a curved rail is available but at a price. A curved stair lift rail has to be made specifically for the house it is destined for. In short, curved stair lifts are completely bespoke. The upfront manufacture and installed cost of a curved rail is between £2,000 to £2,750 exc VAT. Then you have to add to that the warranty call out cost, plus weekly rental of the power unit, of £15 per week, it becomes quite an expensive option.

A reconditioned curved lift can usually be installed from around £2,500 exc VAT upwards and so renting is not that attractive a price option if you have curved stairs.

If you wish to find out more about our available rentals, or talk to someone about our reconditioned stair lifts, please call 0800 7316495 or head to our contact us page.