Reconditioned and second hand stair lifts: our guide part two

In part two of our second hand stair lift guide, we look into what services that we specifically do.

How quickly can you deliver and install?

Most clients would expect delivery within 2-7 days following an at home survey. This is a standard delivery time, but if there is an urgent need for a straight stair lift it is possible for AHM to respond quite rapidly. We can have the space measured, prepare the lift for site and then install in the same day. This is especially essential when the client concerned can only be discharged from hospital if their physical conditions requires that they have a stair lift fitted to the staircase before they can return home.

How much do second hand stair lifts cost?

The figures are dependant on the make, the stair lift specification, age and condition of the lift and how much work was required to recondition it. Typically older reconditioned lifts between 4 – 7 years old to include installation and 3 – 12 months onsite warranty would be priced between £495 – £795 excluding VAT.

Newer reconditioned lifts 2 – 3 years old would usually be priced from £795 to £1,295 (ex VAT) again depending on final specification.

An up to date price list and availability is available by calling 0800 7316495.

Should the person who is to have the stair lift have a qualifying physical condition, most users would qualify for zero rating and so the prices listed above would be without any VAT.

Are reconditioned and second hand stair lifts as reliable as new ones?

Generally speaking the older the lift the less reliable it will be, so a new lift should always be more reliable than a reconditioned one. However, there are thousands of reconditioned lifts in the market place just because they are much cheaper to buy and also reliable. If the lift is properly workshop reconditioned, used in the correct way and serviced regularly there is no reason why they shouldn’t give years of uninterrupted use.

Are reconditioned lifts safe?

All AHM reconditioned stair lifts are workshop serviced by qualified lift engineers. Provided a second hand stair lift is reconditioned by a qualified staff member and the lift is used properly by the client, then it should give the user years of safe use.

Will AHM buy back used and unwanted stair lifts?

Yes of course. AHM will pay up to £500 for a used AHM installed lift. We typically pay out more for models under 6 months old and in a good reusable state requiring little reconditioning work.

Rapid response to breakdowns – the costs

AHM will call out to a variety of different lifts made by different manufacturers. Typical daytime weekday breakdown call out within 25 mile radius will be £79.00 plus VAT (as of Oct 2016) which will cover the first half hour at site. 70% of problems can be resolved in that time, but sometimes new parts that the lift engineer doesn’t carry will be needed to complete the repair work and a revisit will be required.

AHM will also call out to other company installations to service the lift or attend a breakdown.

This usually involves a full inspection of a lift to ascertain the lift status followed by a service or breakdown repair.

AHM’s experience is that it is the user’s physical needs and how they wish to use the staircase in question that will determine which lift manufacturers’ product is the most suitable for the client, which is why we offer a free survey.

This is usually a no pressure visit by an AHM member of staff to assess the client’s physical condition and their needs on the staircase

For more information on our stairlifts, please head to our stair lift page or contact us on 0800 7316495.