Reconditioned and second hand stair lifts: our guide part one

Of all the different purchase options, the most vastly under rated option are second hand stair lifts.

The price of a new straight stair lift starts from £1,195 exc VAT. Reconditioned stair lifts can represent significant savings and provide similar benefits to a new model and depending on age and condition. Prices start from £495 upwards.

How do second hand stair lifts differ from reconditioned ones?

Here at AHM Installations we’ve found that most second hand stair lifts require a degree of reconditioning before being released back into the field. Buying a good second hand lift is possible but also rare and doesn’t take into account any faults it may have. With all of our second hand stair lifts, we advise that you take out an on-site support agreement to ensure any breakdowns can be quickly attended to.

AHM are very selective with the makes and ages of stair lifts that are chosen to be reconditioned. A majority of the time is spent by the engineers inspecting, testing and then finally removing the lifts from sites that will provide a good reliable reconditioning platform.

The sources of these lifts are varied. When a client has finished with an AHM installed lift sometimes we will include a buy back option to help the client with disposal of the lift. One of the most common reasons for an unwanted lift is that users have a change of personal circumstances like a move to a more suitable accommodation.

What happens when second hand stair lifts get to AHM’s workshops?

When a used stair lift arrives to us at the AHM workshops, it is firstly stripped down to its component parts on the workbench and then all of the individual items are subjected to a thorough clean.

There is an inspection which is to look for any worn or broken parts, after that batteries are replaced and then everything is reassembled for bench testing. When the lift has passed all of its tests only then is it ready for use, given a labelled number and then racked for installation.

Although AHM recondition all types of straight and curved lifts, it is only possible to reuse the power unit carriage on curved lifts since all rail tracks bends have to be made for the staircase they are being put on to, and it is quite normal to buy a new curved track for a reconditioned power carriage.

The approach at AHM is to be able to provide clients with the ability to travel up and down the stairs in safety, knowing that the lift the client is using is reliable enough to do the job.

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