Charity creates cook book to encourage elderly and disabled independence

A healthy eating recipe book has been launched to help older and disabled people in Angus, Aberdeenshire to retain their independence.

Angus Care and Repair gained funding from the Big Lottery Fund and Angus Council’s community grant scheme to make the project come to life.

It is hoped the book will encourage and help people to remain active by cooking for themselves, family and friends or take the healthy option by creating simple and wholesome dishes instead of buying ready meals.

Manager of Angus Care and Repair, Judith Leslie said there are many people who have to take on the household cooking late in their lives due to bereavement or a change in responsibilities after the illness or dementia of a partner.

She said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for people to make affordable nutritious food in their own home.

“Going out shopping and cooking are also good ways to stay active, healthy and sociable.

“It would be great if neighbours invited each other round to share a meal occasionally or even take a sample round to a neighbour who is less able.”

Now that the booklet is printed, the Care and Repair staff are taking to local supermarkets so people can pick up a free copy and try tasters of one or two recipes prepared by a local chef.

Samples were given out at several different supermarket and corner shop locations and there are many more events planned.

Angus Care and Repair is a charity operating across Angus to assist older and disabled people to stay safe, secure and independent in their own homes. We wish them the warmest of wishes with their cook book and the growth in their charity.