Befriending Service is Making a Difference

With more elderly people than ever feeling lonely, it’s important that something can be done to help make their lives easier. One of the main ways to do this is to provide companionship and comfort to our elderly friends and family, or even if they are only neighbours we know in passing.

A Noble Cause

The team help to ensure that elderly members of their community don’t feel isolated. The befriending service project is underway in West Wales to make sure this isn’t the case.

The service is designed to encourage smaller activity groups around the region for better uptake. Whether it’s small groups meeting up for knitting to getting some proper ballroom dancing lessons on the go, the befriending service makes it easier to stay active and to keep meeting new people regardless of their age.

This is vital for helping people to feel far more active and engaged by the community that they live in. Therefore it makes a massive benefit to their confidence in the community. This is the perfect chance for people to try out something new and to engage with a community that they felt cut off from in the past.

Why A Befriending Service Matters

The harm that loneliness can bring on our bodies is an immense worry, and something that can drive many into the periphery of society. These befriending groups are designed as a means of helping to combat this terrible problem; offering a more comfortable way for seniors to socialize in their own way.

As we head towards the festive season, feelings of loneliness can become worse than ever. Add in the bite of the cold and many elderly people can feel separated from the world as a whole. Thanks to projects like this, they no longer need to feel so cut off from their communities.

Already, more than 200 meetings have taken place to deliver the most creative and exciting activities possible across the region.

Rebecca Thomas, project manager of West Wales Befriending Links project, told the County Echo: “Loneliness and isolation seriously impact upon the health and wellbeing of older people. These new groups, and the friendships that they have fostered, have created new routines, and prevented further loneliness and isolation.

Our groups have focused on helping older people to become better connected and more resilient. We have been able to provide information and advice as well as link to other services in the community.”

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