Bathing: Low level access & walk in baths

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A long soak in a warm bath is one of life’s luxuries. Whether you’re soothing aches and pains or relaxing the body and mind, we can install a bath that helps you feel safe and comfortable bathing in your own home


Physical limitations no longer mean you have to choose a shower rather than a bath. A simple solution are walk in baths – with low level doors, similar to that of a low level shower tray, access should no longer be a problem.

Shower options for walk in baths

We offer a range of features that you might find useful in your bath. You could choose to step through the door onto a slip-resistant surface, closing a glass shower screen behind you to create your own shower cubicle with separate thermostatic shower. Or you could try our 4, 8 or 12 jet hydrotherapy massage systems to gently ease sore muscles and joints. It’s up to you.

make bathing pleasurable again

Filling and emptying walk in baths

Dual-purpose bath fillers and discrete pressure pumps quickly fill the bath to your desired temperature and level. The Twin ‘Vortex’ waste system accelerates water flow through the drainage, reducing the time you would otherwise be sat waiting for the bath to empty. Our remotely operated pop-up waste mean that you will no longer have to bend forward to your feet to remove the plug.

Buying from AHM is simple

3 simple steps to transform your bathroom



Call us or simply fill in the online form and let us know what you require.  We will get back to you with a quote or arrange a site visit



Once you accept the quotation we draft the designs for your approval – everything is then made to your specification


We arrange a suitable time to start, deliver everything to site,  once we have finished we clean up

Sizes and colours

You may wish to take advantage of the range of sizes and colours of our walk in baths, which can be installed into many different locations throughout the home. You name it, we’ve done it. Our highly skilled fitters have installed baths into bedrooms, basements, mobile homes, caravans and even store cupboards!



As technical surveyors we speak to clients everyday about what their needs are in the bathroom for both normal or disabled use. The questions and answers detailed below are typical examples of what people ask ;

Which is easier to use, walk in showers or walk in baths?

That really depends on the clients physical abilities. The idea of walk in baths is for the client to be able to access the bath through the door without having to make a large step over the side of the bath.
In our own experience choosing between a walk in shower and walk in bath really depends on
(1) The ability of the client to get into and out of the walk in bath compared to a shower
(2) The suitability of the existing plumbing system to fit a walk in bath into a clients home.
(3) If it will fit into the bathroom?

I have seen some walk in baths fitted with seats. Why do they have a seat?

A lot of people who struggle to step into the bath also find it difficult to climb out. Having a fixed seat makes it easier for clients to stand up and climb out after bathing. There are walk in baths that have motorised seats that will lower you into and back up out of the bath, and will make things much easier.

Can you still have a complete bath soak when a seat has been fitted?

Most walk-in baths fitted with a fixed seat are usually taller than conventional baths and so are able to fill up to a higher level to achieve a complete soak. These types of walk in baths may need an extra 60-70 litres of water to fill them. If your home is fitted with a small gravity hot water tank it is therefore always useful to check that it will have enough hot water capacity to fill the new walk in bath.

Do walk in baths use more hot water than standard baths?

Sometimes. Those walk in baths that are fitted with seats usually have a larger capacity because they are taller and wider. Most modern heating systems can cope with the larger hot water requirement from some walk in baths but it is important to remember that if a small gravity hot water tank is fitted to the home further work may need to be done to the heating system to bring it up to capacity for the new walk in bath.

I have been told that when I get into the Walk in bath I have to close the door before I can start filling it. Will I get cold?

It is important that you have adequate heating in the bathroom before fitting a walk in bath otherwise you may get cold waiting for the bath to fill up and drain away before you can open the door.

If you don’t have any heating in the bathroom it is possible to fit a wall mounted fan heater to give immediate heat.

Can walk in bath doors leak?

In theory any walk-in bath door can leak, but all of the walk in baths that we specify have substantial mild steel subframes that reduce flexibility in the door. The doors are also fitted with seals that can be adjusted and so the chance of any leak is very remote.